World Down Syndrome Day 2015 – Don’t Be Sorry’s Video

Today marks the first day of Down Syndrome Awareness Week (16th – 22nd March) with World Down Syndrome Day 2015 #WDSD15 on Saturday 21st March
So I thought I’d do something I’ve never attempted before! I’ve put together a short video clip, all about my little boy Oscar and our journey so far. I remember quite vividly, the first few hours, days, weeks after Oscar was born and how I felt. Regrettably I thought my world had ended if I’m honest. I was wrong. So completely and utterly wrong. World Down Syndrome Day is all about raising positive awareness about DS and I hope this clip can have a little hand in that. I would absolutely love it if you could like and share the video on your on profiles/pages to do just that! #WDSD15 #raisingawareness #stevenspielbergiamnot #downsyndrome #dontbesorry

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  1. Alyssa Jones   •  

    I’m 21 weeks and I just recently learn this week that my baby has Down Syndrome. My husband and I were…well still in shock. My heart dropped and wan’t sure what to do. The next day I went to work and my friend, Noell Berry, who knows you mentioned this blog and that I need to get in touch with you. She was very encouraging and felt exactly what I was going through since she kind of had a similar experience. All day I was torn and felt like it was something I did wrong. I know its not the case buy my head tends to wonder in the wrong direction. We are trying our best to accept the situation and learn how to be the best parents for our baby boy. We still have moments when we are hurting but I’m slowly learning its not a bad things, its just different. I’m so thankful for the support of my friends and family. I don’t know how I could get through this with out them.

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