Specsavers launch NEW Disney #KidsFit glasses for children who happen to have Down Syndrome

When I was younger, way before I had Oscar, I had a stereotypical view in my mind of how I perceived Down Syndrome. I pictured someone with a really bad haircut, dowdy clothes and thick NHS glasses…

Call me superficial but how Oscar looks and is perceived today, really matters to me. I don’t want the fact that he has DS to be an excuse for not looking good. I want him to feel great about himself and above all valued.

So when I heard that Specsavers we’re bringing out a new line of glasses, specifically designed for children who happen to have DS, I wondered if they’d understand how important it was for them to get it right?

As you guys know, up until this point Oscar has had his eyes tested on a yearly basis by a specialist in the field of Down’s Syndrome Vision Research. He also gets seen at our local hospital but was recently discharged from them, having been advised that from now on, they’re happy for him to be tested at our local opticians just like everyone else.

To be honest with you, knowing how stressed Oscar can get in these appointments and knowing how important it is, that the person testing his eyesight understands and meets his needs, I had had my reservations. But in hearing that Specsavers branches across the country, were making a conscious effort to make sure their staff had further training in working with people with additional needs, I felt a little more assured.

Oscar was invited down to our local branch of Specsavers to have his eyes tested by one of their opticians earlier this week and although as it turns out, Oscar doesn’t need glasses this time, the whole experience has put me completely at ease for further tests

The general consensus when I asked friends of mine, about what you as parents feel is important when it comes to choosing a pair of glasses for your child, it seemed there were 4 top asks

  1. COMFORT and how important it is that the glasses sit on their noses properly, don’t slip and clear their eyelashes. If the fit isn’t right, why would any child even entertain them?
  2. DURABILITY and how it is essential these glasses can withstand being thrown about a bit 😉
  3. AFFORDABILITY – although children are eligible for FREE glasses on the NHS, because before now they haven’t met the above criteria, I know many families who have spent a lot of money outsourcing specialist branded glasses at a cost to themselves (and usually additional pairs in case they get lost/damaged)
  4. DESIGN – Our kids looking and feeling good/cool is without question, SO important right?

So having been sent 4 different designs, Oscar has trialed them all and is a big fan. They are calling the range –Disney #KidsFit and are the glasses are now available in stores across the UK. Oscars particular favourites were The Avengers pair, with the Pixar Cars pair coming in a close second. But having seen some of the other styles online, I am certain your little ones I know would be absolutely thrilled with a pair of their own.

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