Popsa – An app that creates a photo book in 5 minutes!

Before I had children, I had had an image in my mind of the type of Mum i’d be. The type that would make the large majority of meals from scratch. The type that would make sure their kids always looked immaculate (because dirt and bogies were just gross) and the type that would document every milestone and memory in a hard back photo album, that I could bring out in 14 years time and show Oscar, Alfie and Flo’s new girlfriends/boyfriends…. Because that’s a Mums prerogative right?

But then I became a Mum and all those ideas went out the window. The reality? I’m really rather average at cooking, my kids are bogie ridden and dirty most of the time and I don’t think I have a single photo album of any of them.

In fact i’m generally pretty rubbish at printing any photos out, let alone dedicate a whole album to their younger years.

So when Popsa got in touch and set me the challenge that i’d be able to create a photobok in just a few minutes… I kinda felt like I should probably give it a go.

Friends of mine, these are the friends I aspire to be like by the way, have told me they’ve spent many an evening, hunched over their laptops creating fabulous photo books of their baby’s first year for example. And don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing all that… I just know that I wouldn’t ever get round to it.

The thing with Popsa is, it literally is so straight forward and ridicuously quick.

You can download the app direct from the App Store (https://goo.gl/uvTnFU) and it’s available for both the iPhone and the iPad (and will be coming soon to Android)

The app itself is literally one of the easiest ones i’ve ever had to navigate. And if I can do it, it’s seriously fool proof. I’d decided before starting, that i’d really love to have a book that I could remember our last summer holiday by. I’d posted the photos in a Facebook album on my own private page but to have a hard copy that I could pick up and remember our time as a family together in Switzerland, I thought would be really lovely.

You start off by selecting the type of book you’d like to create. Popsa has various options, including different types (hard or soft back) and different sizes, then you instruct Popsa to access your photos either from your albums in your phone or via Facebook.

Next you select the photos you’d like to include, before giving your book a title. In this case we named ours “Holiday”. The photos then automatically get put into the book and although there are different layouts on each page, its up to you if you want to change where the photos go or change the formatting. You also get to choose your front cover which I think is a lovely touch.

If you’re then happy with the book, you pop in your payment details and you’re done

The hardback books typically takes 7-10 days to be produced but there are the soft back books that don’t take as much time. Once it’s landed on your doormat, you have it as a keepsake and/or to share with family and friends

If you’d like to see just how simple it is, take a little look at the video I put together here

At the moment Popsa are running a promotion where they’re giving any one of my followers a 50% Discount on up to 2 photo books until the end of 2017. All you need to do is put in the code – DONTBESORRY

It really is so super quick and easy to do. Why not give it a try?

Please Note this is a collaborative post.

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