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I don’t know about you but our playroom at home is full to the brim with toys. Dinosaurs, Lego, Pirate Ships, Paw Patrol figures, Cars and goodness knows how many Dollies… it always looks like there’s been a national disaster happen in there after Oscar, Alfie and Flo have got their hands on it all. And although they aren’t short on toys, when we go round to other peoples houses, or to any sort of playgroup/scheme, they always appear to have so much more fun playing with NEW toys.

So when Toy Box Tots offered us one of their Toy boxes to review, I jumped at the chance.

They have a selection of different boxes to choose from. Boxes for 12-18 month year olds, 18-24 month olds, 2-3 years and 4-5 year olds. They also have Corporate Box for Preschoolers. Each box is based on one of their favourite books and they include your very own copy of that book in the box, for you to keep forever.

The idea for Toy Box Tots came up when Caroline and Ceci (who’d become friends when their babies were in Neonatal Intensive Care together) were at a playgroup and realised that we were finally able to have half a conversation and actually drink a warm cup of coffee all because other children’s toys are so much more interesting than their own! So they came up with the concept… loaning out complete toy boxes for extended periods of time, to families who might fancy a change from the toys they have at home…. Or perhaps want a box delivered to an alternative location because they hadn’t toys available to them there (Grandparents houses, Holiday homes etc).

My daughter Flo and my gorgeous niece Sophie are two little girls who love to play together and I knew they’d be the ideal candidates to trial one of the boxes. We were given the 2-3 years box, based around the book and theme “The Lion Inside” and I can’t tell you how much they loved it. My sister read them the story to start with and then showed them all the toys they got to play with next. The moment they saw them all, their little faces lit up. The plane was a firm favourite with them both, as was the safari truck. They had to post the different animals into the holes of the truck, which was tricky at first but towards the end they’d just about grasped it. Sophie’s favourite appeared to be the puzzle. Every time she put the pieces in, it would make the sound of that particular animal e.g. If it was a Lion, it roared etc. She found this highly amusing.

Flo seemed to enjoy the blocks, making towers and knocking them down. Hours of fun!

The box also included a torch and a touch screen keypad as well as the cutest puppets which were a big hit.

Just to say, all the toys were really great quality and looked like they’d barely been used (very clean) so If you wanted to give this fab new business a go, you can either pay for a one off box or sign up to a monthly subscription (Prices on their website)

Toy Box Tots really do make things simple for you though. All you need to do is go to their Boxes page, click on the one you require and purchase. Once the order has been processed they will then call you to arrange delivery. As well as some amazing toys, you will also receive their newsletter which is full of exciting ideas and ways to use the toys in the box.

I think you’ll agree a fab concept that was definitely a big hit with the girls. Not sure how I’m going to break it to Flo that soon she’d going to have to part with her mouse puppet but maybe we’ll just have to sign up to the subscription and distract her with something else. Here’s hoping she doesn’t notice hey.

Thank You Toy Box Tots

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