It always seems impossible until it’s done…

So…. it’s just after 7pm. All three kids are in bed and almost asleep, after 7 whole weeks off for the summer holidays. Tomorrow, is a momentous day for us (and many many families like us across the land I should imagine), in that Oscar goes back to school (followed shortly after by Alfie and Flo, who are both off to preschool. Can I get a woop woop!!!)
I’d been a bit apprehensive at the start of the holidays. 7 weeks is a long old time to entertain three little peps AND keep sane myself… and I was worried, what with our kitchen and garden being out of action, that 7 weeks of it, may just send me over the edge
But we made it.
Yes there’s been tears. The pinnacle of which was about midway through the holidays, in a crowded park trying to get Alfie to sit down to a picnic, whilst Oscar made a break for it in search of a bouncy castle he’d spotted across the field. The tears? They were mostly mine?
There’s been the odd tantrum or two. I’ve learnt that taking three small humans to anything that resembles a shop, will result in Oscar dropping to the floor, refusing to move and him and I having a stand off. Yep, if you saw me in Sainsbury’s Brookwood earlier today, I was the mum losing her s#%t!
There’s been parks. About 247 at last count. Yeah we’ve seen ALOT of parks. In fact I could probably go on that programme “You Bet”and if Matthew Kelly were to show me photographs of children’s playgrounds in Surrey and the surrounding areas, I’d recognise all of them and be sure to win a holiday to Lanzarote ?
There have been some “Sparkly moments” though ❤️ (Sparkly moments are apparently the moments that make you feel all warm and fuzzy… thanks to the lovely reader who pointed out, that this is what she calls them). Like being on holiday as a family and watching the kids play with one another.That was pretty sparkly. Listening to them laugh together… that real belly laugh, when something cracks them up, is always the sparkliest of moments to me. Spending time with family and friends too. Oh and the sunshine (for the brief moments it was out in the UK) are definitely amongst the things i’ll remember this summer.
People tell me, as kids get older, they get easier but this summer I found, instead of having two on the loose (because Flo was still pretty tottery, walking around this time last summer) this year, I had them ALL charging off in hot pursuit of one another
But we did it. And the bonus? We actually had fun.
Perhaps next year, like everyone says, it will get easier?…or maybe they’ll just find ways to run rings around me in different ways? Who knows.
So to all the parents out there, sending their kids back to or off to school this week. Cheers (That was me raising a glass of the fizzy stuff). We only went and smashed it

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