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Those of you who know me well, will know how much I loathe Soft Play. I can totally appreciate it serves a purpose and for a lot of Mums and Dads out there, they wouldn’t be without it but for me, it’s basically my idea of hell. In my mind, anywhere that involves me crawling around on my hands and knees, in close confined (sometimes smelly) places, shadowing my kids so they don’t get stuck/lost or man handle another kid (Oscar) is, lets face it, never gonna be top of my list to visit. (Sorry to all the soft play owners out there)

So when Alfie, Flo and I were invited to the relaunch of Little Street Frimley this morning (Oscar was at school), an alternative to smelly soft play, I was obviously thrilled none of the above was involved. Little Street opened their doors to local bloggers to see what we thought of their new and improved (and might I say beautifully redecorated) role play centre.

For those of you who have no idea what Little Street is, I should explain. Responding to children’s love of role play, they have created a realistic street, designed with little people in mind. Their play centre features a supermarket, construction site, theatre, beauty parlour, cafe and a newly launched veterinary surgery and air ambulance. Little Street is a scaled down version of a typical town I guess, inspiring children to explore life in the world around them.

We’ve been to Little Street a number of times over the years and it’s without question, always one of our first picks during school holidays. Not only because my three kids love it there, but for me, with the three of them being so small at the moment, I love that it’s a safe and secure environment where I don’t have to worry about them wandering off.

I genuinely think there’s so much to be said for that when you’re a Mum. I don’t think I really thought about it before but when you have two or more children, all of whom are of the age where you can’t really rely on them understanding the importance of safety, having somewhere like Little Street, is a godsend. It offers hour and a half play sessions, parties, school trips and more. You can find their session times and prices here


In talking to the owners Hannah, Shay and Heidi this morning I loved listening to their story. After seeing that the idea was working abroad and realising there was a gap in the market here in the UK, they decided to plough their savings in to the venture. Initially they all had preschool children themselves so making a go of things at first was tough but now that all their kids are at school, they’ve been able to focus their energies on making it one of the most popular attractions amongst local families.

Their drive and ambition has certainly paid off and earlier this year they became a franchise, with NEW Little Streets popping up in West Byfleet and Maidstone, with others launching around the country in the foreseeable future

Little Street were also nominated in the Whatson4juniors awards last year, for the best activity for under-fives and best new activity

Little Street’s Hannah, Shay and Heidi say…

“As parents ourselves, what we love most about Little Street is the educational benefit. Through role play children expand their understanding of themselves and others, it helps them to develop language skills and discover leadership ability. By encouraging social interaction and problem solving it also enables children to gain confidence. Designed with input from Early Years Practitioners, we have also incorporated other learning opportunities for children throughout the play centre, including shapes, colours, numbers, puzzles and language”

I should also mention from an SEN point of view they have always welcomed Oscar with open arms. The staff are enagaing and friendly and if Oscar’s had one of his tasmanian devil moments (more so when he was little) and the contents of the shop have gone flying, their patience and understanding have not gone unnoticed. They have recently launched “quieter sessions” suitable for children with autism, hearing impairments and sensory processing difficulties, which of course is very close to my heart.

I would have always recommended Little Street before today but after seeing Alfie and Flo and all the other little ones there earlier, I cannot speak highly enough of the place. I think the pictures speak a thousand words in that they both had the best time. I didn’t come out a sweaty mess after manipulating my body into weird and wonderful positions to keep up with my 4, 3 and 1 year olds. I didn’t spend the whole time thinking “I can see Oscar but i’ve lost Alfie and Flo”… I was able to enjoy my coffee and cake in peace, chatting to other Mummy bloggers. Everyone’s a winner right.

Thanks for having us Little Street

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