OXO Tot Review

Some of you will know that we use Oxo Tot’s Twist Top Water Bottle for Oscar’s drinks and can’t speak highly enough of the company. So we were thrilled when they asked us if we’d like to try out some of their newer products.

First off was the Oxo Tot Perch Grey Booster Seat with Straps. To be honest with you, we’ve used booster seats in the past with my three and invariably we’ve found that throughout the duration of the meal, they’ve slumped right down and they haven’t given them the support they’ve needed. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Perch Booster Seat with it’s 3 point harness and 2 chair straps to keep the seat firmly in place, was a huge success. We tried Flo in it first, as she definitely needs to be strapped in at just 21 months old and she loved it. Being the youngest of three, she’s for the most part confined to her high chair so this seat gave her a new found independence, all the while keeping her safe. The seat is recommended for little ones 15 months + and is suitable for children up to 33lbs (15kg). Alfie (aged 3) was able to sit on it too but without the straps. Hevwas thrilled to sit in “his big boys chair” but was able to reach the table without needing to kneel up the entire lunchtime. It has a fab little backrest and the seat itself is soft cushioned so I have no doubt any little person would be happy “perched” (I went there) on this.

I found the straps easy to adjust, which was quite the relief, as I’m probably THE least technical person when it comes to new gadgets/kit. There’s also excess strap storage under the cushion which is great, as I can only presume it could be fitted to most size chairs. The fact that it’s extremely lightweight and compact in size, means it’ll travel well and could be brought with, if you visited a restaurant and didn’t want to risk using their manky old highchairs (I’m sure it’s not the case everywhere… but why are highchairs in restaurants so gross?).

Oh and I totally googled other reviews to see what other people thought (as you do) and on Amazon it got nothing but 5 Star reviews. Twinned with the fact that the product looks really cool and wouldn’t look out of place in a stylish kitchen* (if I actually had one*) I’d say most Mums would definitely Big up the Booster!

Next was the Oxo Tot Roll Up Bib in grey (6 months +). Being Machine Washable (Yes you did read that right… MACHINE WASHABLE PEPS!!!) it was winning in my eyes from the get go. Comfortable to wear and wipe clean (seriously, they can’t actually go wrong), I was really impressed with this bib. All to often bibs are the wrong type of material and last a total of 5 minutes or are just really tacky looking and stain. The fact that it rolls up for storage and doesn’t lose it’s shape is brilliant so a definite must for all mucky/dribbly toddlers for sure (see photo of Flo drooling for Great Britain)

Finally, the ever so handy Oxo Tot 2-in-1 Wipes Dispenser with Nappy Pouch (Also known as a diaper to anyone over the pond). How brilliant? It holds up to 5 nappies at a time so you’re never gonna be caught short and it keeps up to 20 wipes moist. It has a handy strap to hang on the buggy or simply to use as a carry handle so ultimately means no big old bulky baby changing bag #winning

So in a nutshell, Oxo Tot are still our favs. Highly recommended to anyone wanting stylish and cool mixed with practical and handy. Products are obviously available on a number of sites but here’s the link to Oxo Tot should you want to take a look. Thanks for reading


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